2018 Region VIII Conference Sponsorships Opportunities

2018 Conference Sponsorship Opportunities will began late 2017.


2017 Sponsers


ART® Corporate Solutions, Inc. offers a complete soft tissue management system for companies striving to reduce worker’s compensation costs and recordable injury rates in the area of repetitive strain and strain/sprain injuries (MSD’s). ART Corporate Solutions utilizes the highest level Active Release Techniques® providers throughout North America to work with private corporations, insurance carriers, and professional sports teams, to help the employee maintain a pain free status. ART is recognized by OSHA and the U.S. Department of Labor as a wellness, prevention, or first aid measure.


Since 1912, Sturgeon Electric Company, Inc. (Sturgeon Electric) has been providing comprehensive electrical construction services to clients throughout the western United States. Sturgeon Electric  has two divisions, offering both power line construction and commercial and industrial electrical construction, making it a full service electrical provider.

Sturgeon Electric’s power line, or Transmission & Distribution (T&D) construction division provides a full-range of capabilities related to transmission, distribution and substation construction.

Sturgeon Electric’s Commercial & Industrial (C&I) electrical construction division specializes in large-scale electrical projects, telecommunications, traffic signalization, gas distribution, high voltage distribution service and maintenance to clients. Sturgeon Electric also offers design-build and pre-construction services and has in-house pre-fabrication and Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities.

From large-scale transmission projects throughout the Rocky Mountains to data centers in Denver, from substation construction in the desert to traffic signalization in Phoenix, Sturgeon Electric’s project experience is as diverse as the region itself.

Cardinal IG

Cardinal Glass Industries is a management-owned S-Corporation leading the industry in the development of residential glass for windows and doors. We have grown to more than 6,000 employees located at 37 manufacturing locations around the United States.
At Cardinal, we try to maintain a clear vision: design and fabricate the most advanced residential glass products in the industry.
We start with a heavy investment in research and development. Our twin R&D centers in Minnesota and Wisconsin provide the basis for new advances in glazing fenestration.
We turn around those fresh ideas into useful products that regular homeowners can use. We provide a turnkey solution to window manufacturers: whether it starts with insulating glass, coated, laminated, tempered or just plain float glass, it is all designed to provide the latest in applied glass science.

Hellman & Associates (H&A)

At Hellman & Associates (H&A), our partnership with our clients creates a highly responsive, cost-effective alternative to traditional project-based environmental health and safety (EHS) consultation.As safety consultants, we are an attentive service provider with the ability to provide unique and prompt EHS compliance services and solutions. We believe customer fulfillment is maintained by balancing regulatory compliance and risk management with internal cost savings, timely service and common sense. H&A safety consultants have extensive experience supporting manufacturing, construction, health care, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, transportation, and service industries.H&A offers EHS compliance management services that protect your workforce and keep your company in line with regulatory requirements – for about half the cost of an in-house EHS manager.